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Ritual soaks: I'm obsessed with bath salts and these are my absolute favorite! Taking a bath while soaking in a wonderful  mix of ingredients that cleanse my energy and realign my thoughts. It's a perfect intention setting environment.
clear crytals
When it comes to crystals and healing Cleanse & Co are my go to and these are my top products:
Intention blends: These come categorized by intention and their respective essential oils and smells to generate thoughts that manifest your desires.
Crystals: The usage of crystals to amplify their healing properties and help rid the body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits. This is a raw clear crystal that helps with clearing your thoughts and it's used for meditation. Find what's the best stone for you!
Infused candles hold a special place in my heart, something about the scents & the crystals together makes it smell and feel incredibly therapeutic, almost magical.
cc candles.jpg
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