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Your true work in life is to keep lifting your frequency, because everything in your life comes as a result of the vibration you are on.

Often times we lose ourselves in our jobs, a situation and life in general, that's why it's important to remind yourself and the world who the fuck you are.

Living in an empowered state of mind means owning up to your shit the good and bad, you are aware of every thought and intention you put out, you have to be present and aware at all times which is not an easy thing to accomplish, but let's see what you can do to get there.


Metacognition is the awareness of one's own thought process and understanding the patterns behind them. It's quite literally thinking about thinking. Why is this important? Even though is mostly used for learning processes, this strategy holds the power to improve deeper thinking, kind of like meditation, except you analyze and try to understand the meaning behind such thoughts, this allows you to reflect on your behaviors and adjust accordingly.

Metacognitive strategies will improve your higher thinking and increase your ability to make maximum progress in any given task, if you're someone who struggles to change habits or continues to procrastinate like me, this will help you not only understand your thinking patterns but utilize those to improve your life.

  • WRITING: Write everything down, what you're feeling, what's happening in your life at the moment, where you want to be, hopes & dreams. Writing is such a powerful tool when it comes to manifesting but also it's a stress reliever, letting those emotions out onto a piece of paper makes it real and its somehow calming. This is a great way to see your feelings and try to understand them, you can also go back to them from time to time and see how much you have evolved emotionally.

  • ORGANIZE YOUR THOUGHTS: Whether is by journaling or meditation, being able to organize your thoughts will allow you to understand yourself better and analyze your thoughts more deeply, by doing this you don't let your thoughts wonder as we sometimes do, there's so many thoughts going through our heads on a daily basis that will clutter what's really important for you, catch your thoughts and organize what matters and what's distracting. I personally picture my brain as a school hallway with thousands of lockers that each represent a thought, and when I feel as if I can't concentrate and there's too many thoughts trying to pull through, I close all the lockers and start opening one at a time.

  • ASK YOURSELF QUESTIONS: Ask yourself and challenge your brain. The biggest mistake you can make is listening to all your thoughts, the brain will trick you as it does not understand the difference between real or fake nor positive or negative thinking so ask yourself to understand yourself. Why did I react this way? What am I feeling right now and why? How can I improve in this area? How can I be better for others and myself?

  • TAKE TIME OUT: Taking time to realign is crucial. Go for a walk through nature, go tree hugging, connect with the universe, sit by the beach and admire the way waves moves, feeling the sun kissing your face, try a different perspective and recharge your aural energy. It's so easy to get lost in everyday life we forget what's real and what's your true nature, remember and take time to come back to you.


Pronoia is the feeling that the Universe is conspiring in your behalf, it's the opposite of Paranoia, so instead if feeling like the world is against you, you feel like everything is happening for you and the world is giving you everything you want. This is such a fascinating term that when I first heard of it I was completely obsessed. Practice Pronoia for a week at least, wake up and think everything is working out for me, my company values me, my friends love me, my life is beautiful and the Universe has my back in everything that I do and wants me to succeed. The more you do this you are convincing your subconscious that everything is in your favor and this will transfer into your reality.


The cosmos have aligned to give you life, you are in this world for a reason whatever that may be, anything you desire you deserve and don't ever doubt that for one minute. You are allowed to want more, to make the best out of this life experience, don't wonder if you're asking for too much because there isn't such thing as too much, that's society brainwashing you to settle, to keep you busy and ignore what's real but guess what you are not here to settle, you are here to be amazing, to speak your truth, to help others and live unapologetically. Please try and make your dreams a reality, manifest the shit out of your life, it is never too late to try, don't let age or circumstances define you, that's an outsource, who you are is nothing physical but beyond, so be..yond.


What you allow is what will continue. As you elevate, everything in your life should too. Just because you were willing to accept something yesterday, doesn't mean you should today. If you're constantly accepting old patterns, people, behaviors in your new present your life will remain the same. Set boundaries for yourself and others, and if people aren't willing to respect those boundaries, they aren't worthy of the new you, let's face it the only people who get upset about you setting boundaries, are the people who were benefiting from you having none. Setting limits is loving yourself and most importantly respecting your energy , time, your presence and attention.


Portraying a masculine or feminine energy is not about gender, is embodying these energies and providing that balance in your life. When we talk about a masculine energy is that self confidence, being strong and decisive, masculine energy loves to take action and its competitive. This energy you want to embody at work and in your projects, to be that boss and get things done. Feminine energy on the other hand is creative and inspiring, its intuitive, empathic and passionate, it's the natural energy of life and nurturing of love. This energy should be present with your family and friends and most importantly yourself.

Both energies are equally important, therefore creating a balance amongst them is necessary, as if we lean too much on our feminine energy it can come across as weak and with masculine energy as egocentric. The key is knowing when and where to use each, if not both.


It may have seemed as if at some point in your life you have lost control and have settled for the circumstances, I want to remind you that control is always there but you have adjusted to your environment and blamed your surroundings with "Why don't I have this" "Why is this happening to me" "Why am I unhappy". See, life has an algorithm just like social media, it studies your behavior and adjusts to what you keep liking and following, if you keep liking food posts, it'll continue on showing you food posts and even recommend new food pages. In real life if you keep the same negative people around or keep the same shitty job for years, life's algorithm will think "he/she likes this" and will continue on giving you more of the same in different variations.

Change your "why" to a "how", instead of a "Why am I not traveling across the world like these people on Instagram",think "How can I travel the world like them" "How do I get to where I want to be" "How can I change this". Build your plan, the only thing you have to lose is your life.

Final words: You gotta take that next step or you'll be doing the same shit for the rest of your life.

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