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When taking care of your self physically, mentally and emotionally, it's important to find a routine that works for your vibration. So let's take a moment and figure out what that is.

At peace, in touch with your surroundings

These are some exercises, practices or just little things I like to do to connect with myself, to be more present and to free my spirit of over sized baggage.


Your mind controls everything around you and you control your mind, learning how not to just control it consciously but subconsciously as well your life will significantly upgrade. Get in alignment with your thoughts and learning how to manage your negative thinking and becoming more aware of what you’re thinking and why. A way of doing this is through meditation, I used to have the hardest time meditating since I cannot sit still in silence for more than 2 minutes, however l came to realize the real reason is l was afraid to actually listen to my thoughts because i knew it wasn't what i wanted to hear, but it was what i needed because what's important it's not who I am or how I'm feeling at the moment, is who I am trying to become. Now I love to take a moment each day to analyze and organize my thoughts, it can be 5-10 minutes or even 30 min to 1 hr, it's up to you; there's so much going on inside your brain on a daily basis that taking a time a day to scan through it really helps understanding yourself and evolving your mindset, because once you mastered the mind you're half way there.


I truly believe having an activity or hobby that genuinely makes you happy or just brings you peace is essential. Consider it your safe place, when something happens and you’re feeling stressed out or you can’t handle certain emotions, you have that thing that just makes you take a moment to really think without thinking and makes your heart feel lighter.

Personally I keep a journal and whenever I feel like I'm on the edge of breaking, which is every two days if I'm being honest, I write everything out, the action, the emotion, the reaction, and somehow I feel relieved, relieved because it's a form of expression that's my own, my peace and my sanity. Same goes for you in finding that safe place to go back to when you don't know where else to turn.

  • You can try painting or coloring, there's also apps you can use for these.

  • Learning to surf, water activities are extremely relaxing and exciting! You can even just go to the beach and read a book, or fall asleep listening to the waves, that itself is therapeutic.

  • Watching movies is entertaining and it requires no thinking so this works wonders when you're trying to forget and put your mind to something else.

  • Talking to someone close to you is great, sometimes we don't need advice we just need someone to listen. Like therapy but free.

Simply do what makes you feel better even if that means locking yourself in your car and screaming!


Who you are around with will influence your life more than you think, that's why it's important to surround yourself with the right people. It doesn’t necessarily have to be people that’s been in your life for years, truth is, some people you just met can have better intentions for you than people that’s been in your life forever. Be around people who are doing what you want to do, get inspired and motivated. Hang out with those who’s energy makes you feel happy and uplifted, often times we keep people around because we've known them forever but every time we hang out with them we have nothing in common, we are not excited to talk to them, ever after we meet with them our body feels drained and lacking energy, and that's because that person is subconsciously draining our energy, and that doesn't mean they're a bad person, not at all, that just means we're not in the same space and that's okay. Life is too short to keep people around who don't add up and just take from us, taking what could be invested elsewhere, in yourself, a new friendship/relationship.. don't ever feel wrong for doing what's best for you, you're the designer of your future, and if someone makes you feel guilty for choosing yourself, they weren't meant to be a part of it anyways.


We are energy beings in a human life contract with the universe, there is a reason why your soul decided to occupy this beautiful body, in this generation and in this particular dimension. We have abilities beyond our knowledge, just think about all the things you could accomplish if you allow your soul to feed your mind, enter through your body and align your thoughts and action into a reality. Think about the world around you as an illusion, you have the power to change anything at anytime, you are your creator and destroyer, regardless of your religious believes we all believe in a higher self, en energy source, a God, a purpose. Life should be enjoyed, you're not here to be miserable, to feel unhappy, it's up to you how you want to live, feel, react to situations, remember everything is temporary, a bad situation won't last forever and neither will a good one, it's about enjoying those happy moments and learning from the bad ones, it's appreciating your body, creating positive thoughts and motivating your soul. The sole fact that you're reading this means you have access to technology, a phone, a laptop, it means you have the tools to change your life if you're not content with what you've created, delete scene and start over, go out and make new friends, end that toxic relationship that's going nowhere, get a new job, switch major, whatever makes you feel happy do that shit, there's more time than life and it's never too late.


These are the two most important moments in your day and learning to create a routine that works for you will change your life for the better.


  • Wake up earlier: Try to set your alarm at least an hour or two before your day actually starts, this way you're not rushing your morning, for some of you this may be really early, if that's the case I would set the alarm 15 minutes before the time you have it now, so you can take a moment to wake up properly and get your head in the right place, many times we hit snooze until we are late, now we're jumping out of bed and into the shower, putting on whatever we can find (if you don't look good, you don't feel good) and heading out the door in a rush to get to work, your brain is now in chaos and you're not gonna be in a good mood.

  • Set up your intentions for the day: Take 5 minutes to clear your head and set your goals for the day, what you want to accomplish at work, an errand you have to run, a friend you have to meet, a meeting you have to go to, your grocery shopping, paying your bills etc. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all you have to do, write it down and throughout the day you can check them off the list, the day will feel a lost smoother and it'll give you a sense of accomplishment.

  • Stay away from your phone: This is extremely important! When you're just waking up try to stay away from your phone, don't get caught up checking your socials, notifications or none of that. I would leave this until after you've set your intentions for the day. Your phone can change your entire mood, maybe you were expecting a text message that never arrived or you're looking at everyone's fake lives on Instagram traveling while you're getting ready to go to work, your phone has more control over your mind than you think, that's why it's important to wake up and meditate on how your day will look like, this way you've set up an intention within yourself and it won't allow to be interrupted.

  • Express gratitude: Being grateful for what you have is so powerful, realize you're already blessed if you have a roof over your head, food on your table, a bed to sleep in, your health, your family. Focus on your blessings instead of what you're lacking, everything else is a plus, an extra, you cannot upgrade your life if you're not content with what you got, remember to be grateful for what you have, you can always have more but you could also have less.


  • Meditate 5-10 min

  • Take a walk/run outside and connect with your surroundings, nature.

  • Listen to a motivational podcast while getting ready.

  • Create a morning playlist for the ride with songs that get you going.

  • Have a healthy breakfast.


What you think about before you fall asleep matters more than you think. Your subconscious is your manifestation reality.

Manifest: Before falling asleep think about your deepest desires, imagine yourself living the life you dream about, picture it as if you already have it, when you say " I can't wait to have this" or "I'm going to" is focusing on the fact that you don't have those things, you have to say "I'm so blessed to have this", "I feel so happy with", "I am so in love in this relationship" etc. Imagine how it makes you feel, picture with detail, go to sleep with a peaceful mind, a lot of people can't sleep because sleep requires peace, and when you bring your daily stress or problems to your bed you thoughts will be chaotic therefore your reality will be too.

Pick your outfit: Choosing what you're going to wear the next day gives a sense of control and organization to your day, you also gain time in your morning routine which in the morning every minute counts!

Pampering: After a long day what better way to refresh yourself than taking care of you for you?

Taking a bath or a long shower while listening to soulful music, shaving and exfoliating your skin, conditioning your hair and using a hair mask, removing your makeup, deep cleansing your face and putting on a face mask, moisturizing your skin, rub on baby or coconut oil, light candles, put on sexy pajamas, have a glass of wine and read or watch a movie!

You can shop my favorite self-care products here.

Scripting: Writing down your dream life into existence, as if it were happening to you right now, is one of the easiest ways to manifest and get you closer to your dreams, because you're reminding yourself what you want out of life and subconsciously you're telling your mind you already have it, therefore you will.


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