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Choose yourself everyday, make loving yourself a priority and remember who you are.

This is a month to celebrate and express love to others and most importantly yourself. Today I want you to think about everything you are, instead of what you are not, I want you to shift your focus to what you are grateful for that you have accomplished, the person you have become and are becoming constantly. I want you to find comfort in knowing you already have what it takes, you are already beautiful and strong and capable.

When was the last time you reassured yourself that?

Look in the mirror and stand proud, talk to yourself like someone you love. Appreciate where you are in your journey whether you are not where you want right now, trust that every season has a reason and it only builds you up for the next phase of your life, every situation is conditioning you for more, making you stronger and more capable. Let go of past blame and resentment towards yourself and accept what has been, the decisions you have taken, the mistakes you made, the way you have allowed people to treat you in the past, all of those situations have taught you and today you know better because of it. In order to love who you are you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.

You have to choose yourself even in the darkest times, stop entertaining the wrong people, the wrong thoughts, you are more powerful than you think and in a world full of deceptions the most powerful thing you can do is be yourself and loving every second of it. Love your mistakes, love the way the you learn, how you communicate, how you laugh, fall in love with your flaws as you would with a partner, set your boundaries and respect them, like you would with anyone else. How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.

Love, trust and respect are things that are built overtime and it never stops, you consistently need to work to maintain it and grow it, you never stop evolving as the earth never stops rotating, if it did, we would die so don't let your self love die and keep spinning. You owe it to yourself to become everything you ever dreamed of.

UNBECOME who you thought you had to be for others to love you, unbecome stereotypes and people's opinions, unbecome your pain and your past traumas, unbecome the person waiting to live, unbecome your insecurities and embrace the beauty of who you are.

Fully loving yourself is never easy, it takes time, patience and discipline. Loving you is more than self care routines and affirmations, it's respecting your decisions, your boundaries, it's

taking accountability for your life and upgrading it. True self-love is pushing yourself, seeking growth, learning, making the constant decision to show up as your best, respecting your body and your talents because self love is not just accepting who you are and where you're at, but also knowing that there's a more vibrant version of you around the corner.

Now, loving yourself also implicates recognizing your flaws, bad habits and things you don't particularly like about yourself, accepting these but also improving them, see a lot of people believe that because you love yourself you'll skip a day at the gym, maybe you don't feel like going and that's completely fine, however this can also become a habit where you do what you want because you feel like it, but self love is not about doing what you want but what you need. If you want to buy clothes because "I deserve it", but have you earned it? Just like when we're kids and we ask our parents for money and they have us clean the house, or the car and earn that money, think about that and set boundaries for yourself too, recognize when you're making excuses and when you can push harder.

Final words: Self love without self-awareness is useless. Be accountable.

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