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Your 20s can be overwhelming with not knowing what you're doing and feeling as if you're running out of time and I'm here to tell you STOP and ENJOY the ride.

Regardless of age life is definitely a puzzle, you have to work it out as you go. I have friends who are building businesses and getting married, others dropped out of college to travel and find themselves, but at the end none of us has any idea of what we're doing and it's okay to admit it, it's okay not to be okay and I just wish somebody would've told me that sooner, however now that I know what I know I'm going to try my best to share some tips on how to leave worry behind and start living up your twenties!


Nothing is going to kill your twenties more that thinking you should have everything figured out by now. Understand the Universe is not in a hurry, you are, that's why you're tired, feeling anxious or stressed and disappointed most of the time, stop comparing your beginning to someone else's results. First find out who you are and create your own path, it's always best to take a moment to really ask yourself where do you want to be and not compare to anyone else. Some people have been working since 14 and others are starting their first job in their late 20's, some people are making millions of dollars and are under 25, others just got their breakthrough at 50. Everyone has a different learning curve and eventually things will work out the way they were supposed to, in the meantime pieces may seem like they're falling apart when in reality, they're falling into place, and a lot of times it's going to hurt when people walk out of your life, or you don't get the job you wanted but later it'll make sense .. some things need to fail so others can thrive, and by then you'll be stronger and ready to receive.


Your early 20’s are the hardest and most trying times of your life so surrounding yourself with things that’ll keep your sanity together is a MUST. You can listen to your favorite podcasts, hang around people who make you feel motivated and inspired, be around nature, keep a journal (brain dumpster as I like to call it) and write everyday if you can. Do what you like and makes you feel grounded so whenever you feel like you're losing yourself, and trust me it’ll happen more times that you’d like, you’ll have your safe activities to rely on and keep you together.


Whatever it is you’re thinking about doing, DO IT! Don’t you fucking wait. Mi biggest regret is not starting earlier! I’ve always had an idea of what I wanted to do, and it took me years until I actually even started. Let’s just so if I had bossed up earlier my life would be so different right now. Do what you want when you want, you were NOT put on this earth to follow somebody else's dream, you're here to CREATE, LOVE & INSPIRE, live your OWN dream, remember the ideas that you have are yours to make, the desires you feel are made for you to receive, why would the Universe send thoughts your way you can't do? You’re always one decision away from living a completely different life so make the decision.


You’ll want to take this time to explore your options, what you like and most importantly what you don’t, what do you enjoy doing, who you like being around with, what food you love to eat, trying new things, see new places, go check out that new restaurant, go on that date, buy that outfit!

Life is too short not to make the best of it whenever you can, even if it’s something small that’ll make you happy for a few moments, it’s worth it. Understand that you're constantly evolving and growing so it’s inevitable not to change your mind sometimes about what you think you want and that's not a bad thing, these should be your selfish years, to find yourself, getting to know you and accepting that person because you’re going to live with yourself forever and your life should be anything but ordinary. Take chances and make mistakes, learn and reflect on them rather than never trying anything new and drown in a pool of "What ifs".

Remember life will only be as good as you make it and it happens so fast you barely realize it, until it's ending and you have no choice but to wonder what could've been.. but you know who does have a choice? You, right here and right now, in the present.. so don't just wonder.. KNOW.


The expectations we set for ourselves tend to be very high so it'll be extremely disappointing if we don't live up to them. Chances are, things are not going to work out as planned from time to time, you'll most likely change your thinking about a lot of things and sticking to the “plan” is going to get harder and harder. So being able to let go of any expectations that you or anyone else had for yourself is important because it will allow you to seek other things you might be interested in doing, it will expand your mind, and your options. Letting fear go and be brave enough to know you want different, something more and actually doing something about it, let go the expected self and make room for the unexpected.

Learning to let go in life is key because everything is temporary and you have to learn to move on, think about it this way: you had a long term friend or a relationship that started to lose meaning, you didn't talk as much, stopped hanging out and eventually lost each other. This "whatevership" had served it's purpose and at some point in life you both needed each other, however people grow and it's okay to outgrow people and situations, the Universe will add and remove people from your life based on your path, so don't feel bad because you're no longer talking, be happy that you had each other to get through a certain time and have certain experiences and lessons, but now let go of what it was, so you can evolve to what it will be.


You're not going to be motivated all the time, so you have to learn to be disciplined and consistent if you ever want to accomplish anything, it's not what you do is the consistency of it. If you want to be disciplined you have to control your thoughts first, once you control your mind, your body follows.

Start by taking small actions everyday and aplaud the little things you accomplish and be kind to yourself, it's not about finishing the whole book but start reading the first chapter.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I can't stress this enough, your comfort zone is killing your potential, do whats needed today for that life you can't wait to wake up to.

I used to have the worst self discipline, I never followed a diet, went to gym and would always put aside whatever goal I had set for the day for the next day. What really changed me was fear, fear of not living the life I desired, fear of always staying in one place, fear of never accomplishing anything and that's when I decided I was going to have everything I wanted and I don't mind being uncomfortable while doing it. Let's face it, millionaires don't like getting 4 hours of sleep every night, athletes don't enjoy pushing their bodies to the breaking point, they do this for a bigger purpose, find your purpose and push through.


This is the time to develop healthy money habits that can lead to early retirement. This is where you built your relationship with money, money is energy and you have to learn how to make that work in your favor. A lot of people subconsciously have a bad relationship with money, that can originate from how you grew up, building a frustration around money generating from family, whatever it is get rid of that negativity around money and replace it for thoughts of love towards it "Money flows to me easy and freely from various sources on a continuous basis" "I'm always making money wether I work for it or not". Avoid those thoughts of "I don't have enough money" "I can't afford this" "How am I going to pay my bills". Decide how much money you want to make and what you will do with it in detail, write down a specific number and look at it everyday, this programs your mind to shift your reality and work towards that figure.


What would you like to accomplish in your short time here? Creating goals for yourself gives you purpose, I don't believe we're born with a specific purpose, I believe we create our own as we go, what gets you out of bed in the morning, what makes you feel alive, that thing you can't stop thinking about doing. You will not find this overnight, you will go through many ups and downs, your goals could change in time as you're evolving into a new self aware being, and eventually you will find your passion. This early in life you may know what you want to do or you may not, and either way is perfectly fine, your ultimate goals what you want to accomplish out of your life, what will make you truly happy to say "I did this", "I created that". Get your journal and write them down, after you've done that you can start creating a plan and work your way towards those goals. Keep in mind you're working for your future self so everyday that passes and you haven't started is another day your future is on hold.


Learning to love yourself fully is an everyday struggle, loving every detail about yourself including what you hate is the challenge of your life. When your learn to embrace your full self, and you know who you are you'll attract all the right things for you and your path, all the right people that are on the same life level will start gravitating towards to you and what's not working for you will move along.. like when you start to make new friends and while talking to them you realize your thinking and believes are very similar, this is not by chance, this is your new energy level attracting people who are on the same awareness level as you.

I say embrace "yourselves" because I do not believe we're one thing, I believe there's different facets to our "Self", I'm not the same person I am while being with my friends as I am with my family, or when I'm in my hometown as to where I'm traveling; different people, places and energies, bring out different sides of us and I used to think I was faking a personality sometimes until I accepted that I'm not only one thing I am several energies in one and depending on who or what I'm feeling you'll get different sides of me. Like the Japanese say we have three faces: The one we show to the world, The one we show our close friends and The one we don't show to anyone.

10- LIVE

Well this one is kind of obvious but not really, a lot of times we forget that life is temporary, that we will never have today again, we will never have the same breath twice, not to sound depressing but reminding the facts.

We all have dreams, and right now you might be feeling as if you're not living up to your potential and life has become a routine, something you just "do". But you know what? Your life isn't over yet, you CAN live your dreams, you can do everything and anything you set your mind to, there are ideas, dreams, accomplishments that are waiting for you to get out of your head and DO! Envision your greatest life and live it, I know you're thinking "it's not that simple", but it is, you have the power to make everything around you change and upgrade, the very existence of a problem means there's a solution to it, EVERYTHING is temporary.

You are the driver in the route of your life on the road to success where your only option is "drive mode", you decide which roads you want to take, it may be a bumpy road, or a clear path, maybe you'll end up taking the longer route, either way there's no "Reverse" option and whatever you do don't "Park" for too long in one place and make sure you reach your final destination.

"The wealthiest place in the world is not Dubai or China, is the graveyard", so many ideas never developed, great movies never made, books never written, inventions never nourished.. Don't allow your mind to be forgotten, you have a story to tell a purpose to fulfill, explore your truth to the fullest, take opportunities, reinvent yourself, dye your hair and never lose track of what's really important and that's loving your life, with ups and downs, embrace it, be present in the now as you won't have it again.


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