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A habit is when the body becomes the mind.

The key is not just to create a habit, but to sustain it.


The practice of gratefulness is based upon mindset discipline and its the most powerful habit you could acquire, it sounds simple however it's more challenging than you would think because in order for you to feel truly grateful it requires constant awareness. For example:


In the first 5 minutes in the morning you enter the Alpha state of mind, this is when you are more relaxed and that allows you to be more receptive of creativity, intuition and imagination senses. So use this time wisely, to visualize on the day that's in front of you, to meditate and feel grateful.

Avoid your phone in the morning as this is going to affect your mood and determine the rest of your day because your thoughts have been altered by an external source, instead set the tone for you day and listen to a motivational podcast, write down some affirmations, take the time to feel good about today, excited to have another opportunity to be better. When you're constantly grateful, the Universe will give you more to be grateful for.


Get in the habit of reading or listening to audiobooks and gaining knowledge in general, the more you explore books you’re exploring others people minds and perspectives, you’re taping into their thoughts and their own personal world, you’re a guest in countless stories and experiences and who’s a better teacher than experience? If you want to succeed in life you have to get in the habit of learning as much as you can because the moment we stop learning we stop living.


Feel the feeling but don't become the emotion. Detachments of the being (body) and the self (consciousness), being emotionally disciplined and choosing what deserves your attention holds great power in your life. Once you understand your emotions you’ll be able to manage them and this is the most  powerful tool you can use to receive abundance. It’s not just the mind that will position us for the future, it’s the emotion behind the thought that controls the path you’re gonna walk through. How many times have you said "I'm fine", when feeling otherwise, you can try to fool the mind but never your emotions and this is where a lot of people get it wrong, you can write down your affirmations all day but without that emotional weight in believing and feeling that you deserve any of that, it'll just be words on paper, you have to connect your mind and discipline your emotions. Practice daily and check in with yourself and how you're feeling, eventually this becomes a habit so powerful that no one will have power over your emotions, you decide what you feel at all times.


Is not something we have to do in order to be spiritual or consciously aware, it's the natural result of being free and not allowing something to affect your emotional stability. It's liberation, it's the natural state of 'being'. You can't be in a fully conscious state if you haven't learned to forgive others as well as yourself. Some cases of forgiveness may be harder than others, but you can't hold on to everything others have said or done, regardless of how it made you feel, you still have a life to live so get in the habit of moving on and living it.


Your comfort zone is killing your dreams, in order to get where you wanna be you have to do what you haven’t done so get comfortable with being uncomfortable, no amount of security is worth a mediocre life, you can't be committed to your dream and your comfort zone. Remember, your biggest fear carries your greatest growth so make seeking discomfort a habit, try new foods, listen to unfamiliar music or take a different route to work. We are wired to be comfortable which is why it's so hard to stop and change doesn't happen in a day so try little by little until you make it because whatever you want is right outside of it.


Patience is not the ability to wait, is remaining calm under any circumstances, it's how we behave while we wait. Define reality with your senses and stay present in the now, worrying about a future that hasn’t happened yet it’s a waste of time and stress; the only way to change the future is to be present in the moment. Plant your seed, water it and watch it grow, if it dies, plant another one but never rush, you can't rush something you want to last forever.


Turn off you past programming and stop going back to old habits because they're reliable and it's easy, it's not supposed to be easy and you're not supposed to be comfortable. The real habit here is self correcting the negative habits that have kept you from your true potential before they even happen. Cheat your mind and tell it "I don't want to do that" "I don't have a need for that" "I don't like that anymore", instead of "I can't" when you use "I can't" you're creating prohibition and the brain loves to tease and break the rules, when you say "I don't want to" you're creating a sense of dislike and associating that thought will make your brain believe it and stop thinking about it. For example if you dislike coffee, your brain naturally doesn't think about coffee. It's all about perception.

Last words: Life happens once, and if you do it right that's all the time you'll need.

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