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Your mind is your most powerful tool, it can be your best friend or you worst enemy, and learning how to control your thoughts and get in alignment with your conscious self doesn't happen overnight.

Your thinking makes your entire life, and it's a lifelong process to even begin to comprehend how it works and nonetheless how to master and control your thinking. Your thoughts vibrate at a certain frequency alongside the Universe, your life will always be a reflection of your mind. Think of it like a restaurant order, if you order the salmon you expect the waiter to come back with a salmon, well your thoughts work the same, you're always subconsciously creating the world around you and changing your mindset is only the first step into changing your life.


Think about who you truly are, not who you want to be or how you see yourself. In order for you to tap into the next face of your awareness you need to accept yourself for everything you already are so you can grow into who you'll be.

For example, I had to accept that I have been the toxic person in a relationship or friendship, I have mistreated people that have been nothing but kind to me and I have been kind to people who weren't, I've been a good person but I've also been vindictive, I've given love and I've given hate and it's because I accepted who I have been in the past I know who I want to become. When you become aware of your true nature and let go of anything you tricked yourself into thinking you had to be, everything that's meant for you will unravel itself to you, be at ease knowing that what's meant for you will never miss you and if it does it was never meant for you in the first place.

Everyone has a different path in life, when you see others living a life you desire or think you desire and you’re trying to live that particular lifestyle then you begin getting frustrated when it's not happening for you, however, what worked for someone else may not work for you because that life is not aligned with you nor your path, you were not designed to live that way so stop trying to be like them because you're not, and most importantly they are not you.


Everything that we want already exists at a high vibrational frequency. When we overthink we're creating chaotic scenarios in our heads which make it impossible to control your thoughts or even focus, this is a low vibrational frequency and keeps us from manifesting and attracting everything that we want.

Whenever things aren't working out the way you wanted them to is for a reason, whatever is "happening" to you is a part of life, and you'll start to realize that nothing is really happening TO you, it's happening FOR you, the Universe is never against you, it's working for you at all times, projecting alongside your thoughts and desires.

One thing we can do to stop overthinking is to take deep conscious breaths; that moment between inhaling and exhaling we don't think, our minds go blank. At this point you have the option of choosing a higher vibrational thought and picture what you want for your life, ask and you shall receive!! We are not our thoughts, we choose the thoughts we have, we choose the path we want to take regardless of the situation you were born into, keep in mind your current situation is NOT your final destination and you are in control at all times.


Think about what you spend your time doing and why you're doing it and how does it align with your overall happiness. Intentions are energy and unlike goals they don't revolve around action, it's the spirit and the emotion behind the action, it's asking yourself the purpose of what you're doing instead just doing it for the accomplishment of it. So ask yourself:

How does what I'm doing align with my intentions? Make them positive, remember your brain doesn't know the difference, speak into existence as if you already have it, when you set intentions like "I will" it's already saying you don't have it, change to "I am".

What do you want to achieve during your stay here? What are your intentions for your life?

Clear your intentions - think about your goals, what is the intent behind them? Live intentionally.


It’s important to check in with yourself and bring awareness to your mind and to what you’re feeling and why. A lot of times we don’t create a space or alone time to tap in with our feelings, most times we talk to other people more than we do ourselves, however that is the most important conversation you’ll ever have. Nobody knows you like you know you, talking to yourself is not for the crazy, it's for the sane, if you ask me, if I didn't talk to myself and check in I would be going crazy by now, don't leave anything outspoken to others, nor to you.


You have to learn to train your inner voice to catch you when you’re slipping. Be your own coach and your own motivator. We all have two voices in our heads the one that tells you you’re tired, to do it tomorrow, the one that keeps you where you are. We also have the boss voice that wants to exceed and become the greatest you possible, so when you’re in the middle of a workout and you start feeling tired and unmotivated listen to your boss voice and push yourself further, if you quit, you'll never know how far you can go, don't you wanna find out?


Affirmations are the most powerful manifestation tools, they help reprogram your brain from your current situation > to believing > to creating it. Write affirmations as much as you can as if you already have it, do this everyday to keep reminding yourself of what you're striving for.

  • I allow new beginnings in my life.

  • I am created for wealth and abundance.

  • I am financially free.

  • I release old thinking patterns and replace them with new one of love and self-confidence.

  • I am ready for growth and new experiences.

  • Miracles are blossoming in my life.


Our thoughts and actions have frequencies that affect our energy field, the mind is like a radio constantly sending and receiving frequencies, depending on what station we tune into we vibrate at a lower or higher frequency. It's important to remember you are a focal point of where the Universe is becoming conscious of itself. When your vibe is high you feel more connected to your intuition, therefore the Universe, you are an electromagnetic being emitting a frequency and every single person, event and circumstance in your day is telling you what frequency you're on. Pay attention to your thoughts, they have a gravitational pull, it's not the words that manifest your reality, but the energy of the intention behind it.

When you are consciously aware of the energy you are projecting, you have the ability to shift and direct that energy, that focus vibrates affecting the quantum fields that underlay and determine the outcome of physical matter and at that point the human and cosmic body unite.

Final words: “To find yourself, think for yourself”


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