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Every organisms purpose is to experience, nothing more, nothing less.

Expand your awareness

Throughout our entire lives we believe in finding our purpose, searching for something greater than ourselves to give life meaning, but what if I told you we don't have a purpose, that's just something we made up to make ourselves feel better about our place on earth, because if we don't have a "purpose" what's the meaning of life? And that's where we're wrong, by trying to find what life means we don't realize we're living it, life's purpose is simply this, the present moment, to exist and experience, the good and the bad, there's nothing greater out there for you to "find" just better experiences, but life as a whole has no purpose, so stop obsessing over your future or the past, and focus on the present moment, when you do that you'll understand that the present is creating the past and the future simultaneously, therefore all you have is now.


Let's analyze the physical form first. In essence we are animals. Find ground in your biology and remember you are a part of the animal species, we as a society have forgotten where we come from, taken over by ego we have forgotten our place in nature. Your body is a nothing but a tool, and you control that tool, you live inside the tool, as if your body is a car and you are its the driver, except you can feel whatever your car feels, but you are not the car, you're just inside it.

We are not truly "male" or "female" or anything physical, although we have a connection to our biological bodies, the purpose for us to have a gender being male or female is simply to play our roles throughout our temporary existence in this world (procreation).

You can remove any body part, and who you truly are won't change, only your physical form will. You should be able to understand then, what you are isn't what you see when you look at a mirror or a reflection of your body.

Your true being is within that you cannot see, nor touch, but you can sense thoughts, emotions and desires that you control without even needing your body to use. The brain to an extent has affected your thought process, but that's because your body is a vessel for helping you become the real you until the end of your physical days so when your biological body dies you carry on, you still exist in infinite consciousness, for you never were the body, but the soul.

There is a lesson to be learned in your body, why did your soul chose to awaken in this form, why in the generation and in this lifetime? The more you connect with your consciousness these answers will become more and more apparent and your true self will unravel and in that moment you are the most powerful being on earth.


Our entire existence is subject to the minds perspective, and perceptions can create false realities.

Your beliefs and perceptions adjust and change over time, as you grow and acquire more knowledge, it starts shifting your mindset and projecting the reality that currently walk on, it builds everything around you and within. Experiences, traumas and other life circumstances contribute to who you are and where you stand today. Safe to say, your minds controls your reality. So when you are aware of your thoughts, you are consciously creating the world around you. At the same time, since your thoughts are built from your personal perspective it's important to keep an open mindset and challenge your perception from time to time, ask yourself questions on why you feel and think the way you do, question your own beliefs, force yourself out of the comfort zone to expand your mind and create a bigger and better reality for yourself.

It's all happening inside your mind, you are the main character in your story, the body allows you to experience it and the mind helps you create it.


The greatest illusion is separation, start by questioning everything you have been taught. Where did the concept of money come from and why?

This was made up by someone one day and today it classifies people in society and it's the main cause of all the problems in the world.

Going through this journey we call life is a learning curve. We are always being told how to act, what to believe in, what to do. We go to school and learn the essentials, at least what other people think is essential, we study to remember to do well on a tes t but how much do you actually remember today? We graduate, some go straight to college, others start working and many do both. To get a good job, pay your bills, buy a car, buy a house, have a family, retire and die. Somehow this has been the acceptable way to life without being questioned. But it doesn't feel natural and there should be more to life than this... right?

So many of us have been stuck in the routine just watching the days pass, on our way to work wishing we were elsewhere, stuck in a job you have no passion for, waking up already tired of what the day is gonna be and we do this for years like robots of society knowing we want more and could do more but no idea how to stop the cycle.

It’s a challenge to get out of your own head sometimes, but necessary. There are periods in life in which we see everything in one sided perspective, we put ourselves down and keep the negative ball rolling, we are tricked by our own insecurities into believing we are “not good enough”, “lost”, “have no purpose”, but what the fuck does that even mean? Not good enough for who or what? Everybody has to get lost in order to be found, don't be lost forever.

You decide how you want to live, it’s that simple.. you don’t like where you are then move, and I know what you’re thinking I don’t know your situation and you’re right I don’t, what I do know is when you want better you do better, when you align your desires with your frequency things will unfold for you, the key to a better life starts within, start believing you deserve what you desire and your desires want you.

We are limitless creatures living in a limitless Universe. We are here for experience and the world is full of opportunities so explore your possibilities and remember the doors that haven't been opened, haven't been knocked and the ones that have closed, weren't for you to enter.

Don't follow society, nobody knows what they're doing, follow yourself and make your own path as there's no greater purpose than being alive.


By taking a piece of the Universe and calling it a clock, we have been hypnotized by the illusion of time, where the present does not exist and we're consumed with anxiety of the future and memories of the past, so much so we have neglected the present moment to the point reality has become obsolete. The world is so full of illusions the trick is breaking apart a reality. So what is real? Reality is not the opposite of illusion, the nature of reality is always changing as it is the basis of illusion itself. So, maybe the question isn't "What is real?" But, what is real to you?

We can portray reality as three dimensional where stuff is happening over a period of time, making time a reflection of change where the brain constructs a sense of time based on occurring events as if it were flowing, or we can think of it as fourth dimensional where nothing is really happening, therefore change is an illusion because nothing is changing, the past, present and future are all simultaneous. In relativity time is external, there is no absolute time, no absolute space and everything is relative.

So what is time? Is it our subjective sense of flowing time, generated by our brains that evolved from our own perception, another illusion? Or does time flow and the present is the only real moment, the deep nature of reality is one of becoming.

The idea that time is not real is counterintuitive. You just decide what's real to you, in the end we're timeless beings of consciousness creating the world.


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